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Rehearsals run from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm every Tuesday during choir term times. Autumn rehearsals will resume on Tuesday 19 September 2023, running through to Tuesday 28 November.


We are working towards a concert featuring J. S. Bach's Christmas Oratorio (parts 4–6), sung in English, to be given on Saturday 2 December (7.30 pm) in All Saints' Church, Haslingfield.




All Saints’ Church, Haslingfield, CB23 1JF.




We understand that it may be difficult for choir members to attend all rehearsals, but if you know you are going to be absent, it is helpful if you can let our secretary, Kate, know.


Following our experience during the recent Covid pandemic, we now simultaneously broadcast all rehearsals via Zoom. While this is not intended to be a substitute for in-person attendance, it does mean that choir members can still remotely join in rehearsals when they are unable to attend.


Sheet music


You don’t need to buy your own sheet music, as we hire enough copies for each member of the choir and orchestra to borrow. However, some choir members like to buy their own score, so if that is the case, it would be worth finding out in advance which edition we are using, to make it easier during rehearsals.


Can I try out rehearsals?


You are welcome to try out a rehearsal to see if you would like to join us.  There is no audition, but Paul may wish to hear you sing to see where your voice fits within the choir.  We are happy for members to attend rehearsals even if they are not able to sing in the concert at the end of the term.


Help to learn the music


One of our choir members has developed a very helpful learning tool that can be found at www.learnchoralmusic.co.uk. We also recommend CDs and YouTube videos for familiarising yourself with the music.

Haslingfield Choir

"It's most unusual to have in one's village a choir whose Musical Director, most of the choir and orchestra walk home afterwards!”



Haslingfield Choir